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Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Yoyoyoyoyo...sapsapsapsap.....Im issaDdiriDdiri....Im currently 15 in a half because i said so*-*........i like the usual bug my sister,dance ,surf net and a lot of things that humans like and unlikely to do like...cooking.I want to be a chef....ooh..big shocker,my mom owns a restaurant.A lot of people in my class expect me to be a cartoonist one day.They'll be saying like
oh Nuriza,you should be an artist.You're really good at drawing.You should go to art class in Form 4

=.='Hey,its my life ,get out and close the door first,please and thank you.I don't mind people complimenting me,i mean who doesn't feel happy when people said something good about yourself,not to brag but don't ever ever give me that kinda suggestions again,Okay!! thank you.Sorry for being harsh.Nah,It's fine.Okay,since i forgive myself already, i should tell you my other stuff.My real name is Wan Nuriza Bt Wan Hussin Bin Wan Yusof..Hey,it's never a crime to include your granpa's name in yours.I was born in 25th February 1994.I'm currently studying in St.Mary,KL and never will be for the next year.YAY!I can't stand going to dat school,Uh it's driving me crazy.Hey,the school don't like me either.I'm lazy,stubborn,hot-tempered,hot..haha,that was a joke you can stop laughing now and pretty much a lot of bad stuff that comes into your mind.I love my GOD,Allah s.w.t....I'm wearing scarf and forever will be...I hate swearing...That' s why everytime i want to say the word s**t,i said 'sheep' instead...kekeke..i'm smart am i?Sigh, curses for having two brains....I love my best friends of course.Nuna,my deeply awesomerest who never mind when i tease her,who's currently crushing over her ang ang WooYoung..Yah.Nuna!what happened to your Ang Ang Ang,Doraemon Daesung!!!!!!!but she's been fierce lately....my other besterest pal,Na who's been there for me a lot of times...She thought me me how to love Him....
She thought me everything she knows about Islam..But she is one hella good girl....my other best friend is the unforgettable Jasmine...She's super friendly and i love her coz we've been best friends since Pre-school but she moved to MRSM(Maktab Rendah Sekolah Menengah) when she passed her UPSR with 5A's...She's smart and really doesn't brag much...I finally get to talk to her since we're on holiday.....I wish i could see her face again......
My other fella is none other than Andy...She's been friends with us since Standard 6...me,Nuna,Jasmine and Andy used to be close like sisters....And when Jasmine has to leave us,It felt like we were about to fall apart,But we stick together until now.My NEWESt most greatest person on earth is Yuki...She has a lot of things in common,She is my other butt to our Friendship Underwear...She's always be my HooHaa Buddy.Nuna always stick her shoulders with Andy,Well i chose to stick my butt to Yuki because Andy hardly speaks to me at school....She's understandable(?),she will always have my back and i will always have hers...And there's Eqin,Tasya,Artisha,Hadaina...Artisha and Hadaina are two of my bestest Korean Buds....We talk A LOT!!! but Artisha's more of my HooHaa Buddy.....And this makes my feet stuck to the ground everytime i think of leaving them next year.......SO,There you have it.....I'm also major KPop fan...Any KPop Celebrities...U name it.... but not all okay..........Got to go..Peac No War,Food Fight,Or Exchanging Wedgie ok??B a good girl to your mommy and daddy....They gave birth to you and it' time to gave birth to them..??? okay,forget what i said about the gave birth thingy but you get me,Right?Not Left..k,Bye......

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